Inspiring smiles and community wellbeing

The role of supporting wellbeing for everyone within our school communities remains an important one as it gives our young a better chance at a fulfilling journey along their education pathway.

Here at YouthCARE, our values of respect, compassion and service drive our chaplains to open their hearts and connect students, staff and parents to opportunities that create meaningful experiences and positive impacts.

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School Chaplain

YouthCARE school chaplains work in state schools to care for the social, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of students, families and staff. This support helps students achieve their potential, both academically and in their social and family lives.

Respect is the foundation of genuine connection

Understanding that everyone's circumstances are unique and that everybody is valuable lays at the heart of respect. We value everyone we encounter and respect all perspectives and situations. Chaplains don't give respect to gain it - we respect you because we care.

Compassion comes from the heart of our role as chaplains

Sometimes, what drives us to strive to do more, lean into someone's circumstance and give more of ourselves, our resources and time is our heart to help others who need support. It's not always easy, and sometimes it's difficult, but helping others is always fulfilling - it's why we're here. Compassion matters for everyone.

Service is what we offer, how we connect and how we help - everyone

Supporting wellbeing is a multi-faceted mission that changes with the many and varied needs of the hundreds of school communities we service. We offer and participate in literally thousands of program session across Western Australia because our services are needed, appreciated and have lasting and positive impacts on the people we serve and support. Supporting wellbeing is a service that rewards everybody.

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